Valentine’s Day

In a retail environment, we see lots of glazed looks when Valentine’s Day rolls around.  People put tremendous pressure on themselves to come up with something extremely over the top or unique beyond imagination to impress their recipient.  Let’s face it, there are only so many of those things in the universe and only a small […]

Engraving the Large, Odd-Shaped and Difficult: Our Specialty

While we do engrave all standard sizes, materials, textures and shapes, we often come across pieces that do not fit “inside the box.” Our customers are creative in unbelievable ways and they want what they want when they want it! So our attitude has been “Why not?” We have always given difficult items a shot and our business has evolved to fulfill those expectations. […]

Getting to the Heart of It: Why We Are Thankful

Small Business Saturday falls on November 26 this year and its new heart-shaped logo got us thinking. After slogging through the recent, drawn out presidential election, we must say (as painful as it was to watch at times) we are lucky to live in a country that holds elections at all. We are truly counting […]

Monogramming Etiquette

We have come a long way – from the Little Red Schoolhouse to virtual schoolrooms!  Luckily for us, so has personalization! While Emily Post used to be the monogramming etiquette gold standard for all occasions, rules and norms have evolved to fit into today’s society. When it comes to personalization, rules have been bent and […]

Why Vector?

Engraving requires expertise and experience in multiple facets of design and technology. If you think of engraving in terms of school, it’s all about Art and Science! Consider the variety of curriculum for the two and try to marry them together – they couldn’t be more different! That is why it can be difficult to understand how information and images need to […]

Launching Our Blog

Why now? We started our first entrepreneurial business – Inside Out Designs – in 1998 and our second – Custom Laser Engravers – in 2011. We never considered a blog until this year, although many other business owners we knew had one. We wondered, “did we have anything reasonably interesting to say that had not already been said […]

What’s Hot This Summer? Engraved Insulated Drinkware.

Yeti, Rtic and an array of other ramblers, tumblers and koozies are on everyone’s list this summer and perfect for any 100 degree, Texas day! Many customers ask about our insulated drinkware personalization process and why those type of products are expensive to engrave. What you may not know is we, unlike many others, use a multi-step process: Unwrapping and fully removing adhesives […]