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Engraving and Cutting

Utilizing a CO2 laser, a myriad of materials can be engraved. We are also able to cut thinner materials such as acrylic and soft woods, but not metals. Our diamond bit engraving process allows us to engrave fine items such as crystal and silver in a more traditional and heirloom style.


Direct to Substrate UV Printing

Color is available for printing directly to most materials, except clothing, without pre-treatment of the item that is required in sublimation printing. This process can also be combined with engraving to produce unique results.

Skull Dominoes


Direct to Metal Marking

We are able to engrave directly to most metals without marking solutions utilizing a fiber laser. While many companies can get reasonable results with marking solutions, the permanence is not guaranteed, and grayscale cannot be achieved. Direct marking is a permanent process that withstands even outdoor uses.

metal on metal engraving

Foil Transfer and Embossing

We use a different technology than the traditional weight stamping method for foil transfer, which does not require creation of a die, therefore allowing quicker turnaround and flexibility of design. We also have the capability of embossing small items in the traditional "hotstamping" method with limited fonts and sizes.


Close-Up TV News

Custom Laser Engravers with Close Up TV News on the ion Television network.

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