Pricing & Services

Our design services range from prepping customer artwork to original concept completion. Pricing will be charged based on time and complexity requirements, and quoted on a project basis.

Design costs for clean-up of existing artwork – $100/hr for rough copy cleanup or creation and $40/hr for vectorized or .eps clean versions of logo or image. Once created, a job/design can be saved for repeated/future use.

Engraving costs include a set-up fee of $45 per different area engraved on the same item.  Actual engraving costs depend on material, size, type of engraving – simple text, logo, photo, etc. Multiple items are priced according to quantity engraved.

Turnaround Times

Normal turnaround time on simple, straightforward jobs of small scale is normally 36 to 48 hours; however, the actual job time will be estimated at time of receipt.  Completion time is also dependent on time of day product is received and workflow already in queue at that time.

Within reason, projects can be expedited beyond normal times for an additional time charge, which will be quoted at time of request, depending on requirements.

Transport / Courier Services

Courier services will be available at an additional charge for quick pick up and delivery of materials if desired, and can be included in original quote based on pickup and re-delivery destination.  For shipping both in and out of state, we use UPS ground services, which will be included in the final invoice.