We’ve Moved to New Digs!

 – Our new address is 115 Payne Street, Dallas, TX, 75207 –

Time marches on!  We opened our location in the Dallas Design District when the area by the levee was almost a ghost town.  It was just “up and coming” when we arrived, a little dicey around the edges, but we loved our large space that provided lots of room to combine our two businesses – Custom Laser Engravers and Inside Out Designs.  And, it was easy access for our clients from either the freeway, downtown or suburbs. After almost seven years in our location on Levee Street, we hardly recognize the previously quiet little street that is now occupied by lots of businesses and crowded with major traffic and large trucks.  Parking for our customers became a major challenge, and a deterrent to doing business efficiently.

However, we couldn’t bear to leave our familiar area that we had come to love.  Serendipitously, we found the perfect spot a few blocks down and around the corner that offered a little less frenetic traffic.  We hopped on it, and we have lovingly remodeled it to make it our new home.  While there is still a great deal of activity, we are not pinned in by head-in parking on both sides of the street, and it is still easy for our clients to find.

Now we can see the Margaret Hunt Bridge, the Reunion Tower with its twinkly lights and thematic displays, the lights of downtown Dallas, as well as have a front row seat to the fireworks display on July 4th from the levee! Interesting views can’t help but inspire creativity, right?

We would love to invite you to stop by for a visit.  Coffee is always on, and we have even designed a special door handle to uniquely welcome you!

Looking forward to seeing you soon…..