Update Coronavirus 3-23-20

The City of Dallas has issued a “shelter in place” order effective at 11:59 p.m. Monday, 3/23/20 through April 3 and possibly beyond, requiring us to eliminate inside the studio conduct of business with our customers until further notice. Since we are a family run business operating in a family owned building, we will still be working and are receiving “No Contact” deliveries from clients and inbound shipments and providing similar “No Contact” client pickups and outbound shipments via our dock, as long as transport services are available.

We will email necessary paperwork to you to place your service order, so that your merchandise can be dropped off in our dock or shipped to us for completion, if you desire to do so. If you ship to us, please also include (or email us) a return label for the return shipment to you. While this is not an ideal situation for any of us, it does allow the process to move forward.

Turn-around times are being fast tracked for shipped orders because we know the shipping requirements add days to the project process. We are also waiving set-up fees for those who ship to help offset costs of client shipping. Products will always be processed in a sanitized setting and we will use gloves for handling and repacking.

We are supporting local and small businesses in every way possible, and we ask you to join us in that effort. Please do all you can to stay well as we weather this unprecedented situation.