What’s Hot This Summer? Engraved Insulated Drinkware.

Yeti, Rtic and an array of other ramblers, tumblers and koozies are on everyone’s list this summer and perfect for any 100 degree, Texas day!

Many customers ask about our insulated drinkware personalization process and why those type of products are expensive to engrave. What you may not know is we, unlike many others, use a multi-step process:
  • Unwrapping and fully removing adhesives or other surface adherents
  • Prepping for engraving process (includes measurements, centering, placement and proper solution coating) 
  • A two-step customer approval and preview process 
  • Final engraving 
  • Quality check, cleaning and repacking for pickup
Even with the multi-step process, we have the quickest turnaround times as well as the best customer service and lines of communication. In the end, you get what you pay for. 

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Why is permanent engraving the best option for your insulated drinkware? 
  •  Stickers: Many stainless products that had fun and colorful stickers come back to us for engraving. Cautions with these stickers include the fact that the adhesives/acids etch the stainless steel products and leave a permanent shadow that can’t be removed. The sticker is temporary and even while the sticker remains viable, it must be handled and cleaned carefully to keep from damaging the sticker.
  • Poor Engraving: We’ve seen many items engraved by others that were off on placement because care had not been taken in measuring or set-up for engraving. Sometimes the engraving was not totally permanent because the items had not been properly prepped. Dissatisfied customers coming to us for an after-the-fact solution are disappointed when their expensive item can’t be fixed. Sometimes the cheapest option may not always be the best.

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 Interested in engraving your Yeti?
Contact us for a quote at (214) 310-8310 or stephanie@cle-staging.myvafdb1-liquidwebsites.com.