Launching Our Blog

8172cfa6117bf871087a4c0cd5556a25Why now? We started our first entrepreneurial business – Inside Out Designs – in 1998 and our second – Custom Laser Engravers – in 2011. We never considered a blog until this year, although many other business owners we knew had one. We wondered, “did we have anything reasonably interesting to say that had not already been said and that was not just about our products and processes?” We believe the answer will come with time, but we won’t know until we try. Therefore, we will jump into the blog pool and talk about things of interest to us, things we do, musings, wonderings, philosophies, considerations, observations, insights and more! We won’t be blogging for blogging’s sake, so there may be time gaps between posts until something of interest rises to the top. Nevertheless, we hope something will spark interest in potential followers and will be helpful, insightful and maybe even thought-provoking!