Graduates Galore!

Are you still wondering what an appropriate gift might be?

Graduation gifts are sometimes a dilemma, based on the varied age, preference, culture, interests, and more, of the intended recipient.  Rather than doing a lot of hand wringing about what might be a fabulous gift, change gears in thought process and move to the practical side and something pertinent.  Here is the good news – it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Here are a few ideas to get your creativity juices flowing:
For those who will travel out of necessity or for fun:
  • Luggage tags are great but can be ripped off, leaving luggage vulnerable for identification and recovery.  Pair those with an engraved plate that can be permanently applied to the inside of the luggage with either short screws or glue.  Just make sure it includes the person’s name, address and phone number along with an alternate contact number from home to ensure the traveler doesn’t miss notifications while they are on the road.
  • Trakdot or similar luggage tracker that works with your cell phone anywhere cell phones are operable.  It goes in one’s luggage and lets you know if your luggage landed with you, or if not, where it is.
  •  A lightweight but cozy travel blanket and pillow that avoids those questionable items on the airplane and is also welcome for those much needed naps after long days of study.

For security in the dorm or apartment:

  • A gift certificate for laser marking all electronics with pertinent information, monogram, name, etc. to deter items from growing “legs” and walking off.
  • Hang style motion security alarms for the dorm or apartment doorknob, available for $15 and up. It can be set to chime for opening and closing of the door and to alarm once in for the night.
  • Lockable storage boxes.  It won’t keep someone from walking away with the entire box, but will deter quick “pick and run” for individual items.

A good general-use gift for all ages:Put together an emergency “go to” zippered mini portfolio for all things practical.  While one can’t afford to fill it up with all of the recommended items, you can choose one and make a list of other important things it should include as suggestions to the recipient, such as below.  While a phone can store some of these things, a phone can also be lost, stolen, or not backed up properly, so hard copies are important too.

Add one or some of these:

  • An initial membership to the area’s local discount house like Sam’s or Costco
  • A gift card from American Express, or similar, tucked in for emergency needs – make sure it doesn’t have an expiration date or a diminishing value clause
  • Cash-Cash-Cash
  • Initial membership to a service like AAA – you won’t believe how often it might be used
  • A mileage certificate to use for airline travel
  • A prepaid subscription of snack delivery to the dorm or apartment, just for fun

Add a reminder to include these:

  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of car insurance card
  • Copy of medical insurance card
  • Copy of student I.D.
  • Copy of important contact lists – for the local city as well as home
  • Copy of contact lens or glasses prescriptions in case of damage or loss
  • Plastic copy of important keys in case of loss

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