Engraving the Large, Odd-Shaped and Difficult: Our Specialty

While we do engrave all standard sizes, materials, textures and shapes, we often come across pieces that do not fit “inside the box.” Our customers are creative in unbelievable ways and they want what they want when they want it! So our attitude has been “Why not?” We have always given difficult items a shot and our business has evolved to fulfill those expectations.

One particular product was the impetus that thrust us into our niche engraving services many years ago:


Many years ago, we engraved a lowly meat grinding implement in order to elevate it to a symbol of recognition for a loved and respected leader. The executive had a favorite saying after giving motivational talks to his sales troops. He always ended with “Let’s go make the sausage!” The meat grinder was a way for his employees to validate his positive message and show him it had been heard, heeded and treasured in a way that honored his unique relationship with them.
What made engraving the meat grinder so difficult?
  • Its dimpled, uneven surface
  • Its feet, grinder handle and meat funnel all ran in different planes, potentially blocking the movement of the engraving head from almost any set-up angle
  • A jig for stabilization on the engraving table needed to be built
  • Planning how to penetrate and mark a painted surface that was a single color throughout so that the message could be read
  • Its weight factor and large size

The grinder was one of those things that pushed the limits of possibility. But the engraving was so desired by the people presenting it that it spurred us on to successfully complete the engraving with the same vigorous commitment they demonstrated for their leader.

In the end, the engraving worked out and the employees were thrilled, as was the recipient. Projects like these make us smile and scratch our heads at the same time, but we always love them!


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