Fort Worth Business Expands Service Line

Inside Out Designs Offers NEW Custom Laser Engraving
Owner of Exclusive Equipment for DFW – Limitless Creative & Expanded Personalization and Design

FORT WORTH – Inside Out Designs/The Pleasure of Home is proud to announce the launch of Custom Laser Engravers – a joint venture project based in Dallas. Fort Worth businesswoman Kay Spruill, owner of Inside Out Designs, has teamed up with her daughter, Stephanie Spruill, to offer expanded options beyond the norm in the engraving field.

While Inside Out Designs has long offered retail applications for personalization of many types of items through rotary/stylus engraving, Custom Laser Engraving now utilizes both a CO2 laser and stylus engraver – as well as applied marking solutions – so that a vast variety of materials can now be transformed by engraving, cutting, color or marking transfer. Large scale, quantity and design capabilities allow service to businesses for large projects as well as single items for design professionals and individuals.

“The possibilities with our new equipment and expanded production house are truly limitless,” said Kay Spruill, owner of Inside Out Designs/The Pleasure of Home. “While ‘engraving services’ typically brings to mind customized gifts like frames, plaques and jewelry, there is a multitude of possibilities for so much more, such as artisan-detailed cabinetry or monogrammed ceramic that is still food safe.”

By combining laser with rotary engraving, more unique results can be accomplished. Customer Laser Engravers deftly works with leather, wood, marble, granite, Lucite, acrylic, glass, fabrics and a host of other less-used materials, due to the ability to finely tune applications. Areas up to three feet wide, 21.5 inches deep and any length can now be personalized. Curved items can also be engraved. Customers can now think beyond metals, crystal, glass, acrylic and fabric for unique item personalization. Any special, non-hazardous material can be reviewed and submitted for testing.

Spruill continued. “Customers can now conveniently provide artwork or logos to either our Fort Worth or Dallas location for engraving, cutting, color or marking transfer. Alternatively, we can now provide design services and create completely original concepts.” Customers are also able to submit design projects at, as well as choose on-site personal consultation in either Fort Worth or Dallas.

Quick delivery sets the Spruills apart from general offerings in the engraving field, as turnaround time is typically 48 hours. Design services offered range from prepping customer artwork to original concept completion. The Spruills are also entering the wholesale market by designing their own products for sale that feature the new capabilities offered through their two combined businesses.

Custom Laser Engravers is located in the heart of the Dallas Design District at 122 Howell Street, 75207. (213) 310-8310,

Inside Out Designs/The Pleasure of Home offers exclusive and personal gifts that reflect luxury, comfort and style, including custom-made, monogrammed and hand-sacheted Hungarian down pillows, exquisite linens and luxurious bedding – along with Fort Worth’s only Pillow Bar. Many of the store’s elegant gift items can be engraved, hot stamped or monogrammed.

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