Dallas Modern Luxury

Custom Laser Engravers featured in Dallas Modern Luxury

Featuring Kay Spruill and the other designing women of 122 Howell St. in Dallas.

Luxury Lab (September 2011 issue)

When three independent businesswomen set up shops in a classic warehouse building off of Industrial Boulevard (excuse us, Riverfront, harumph), and their products involve damask, down, and a hot laser, the possibilities are endless. Designer and home stager Ann Schooler bought the building at 122 Howell St., where she installed Sanderson wallpaper and a spectacular gilt chest to charming effect. She leased one side to Merrimac Dillon, creator of the custom-pillow company, The Pillow Bar, and Kay Spruill owner of Inside Out Designs of Fort Worth and said laser, who then set daughter Stephanie loose to experiment on everything from fence posts to cowboy boots. The result: A convergence of good taste and a good night’s sleep. schoolerkellogg.com; thepillowbar.com; cle-staging.myvafdb1-liquidwebsites.com.