360 West

The Giving Season

360 West Magazine, December 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.56.25 AMPuzzinoes

Owner Kay Spruill of Inside Out Designs/Custom Laser Engravers continues to offer unique personalization via custom engraving and printing. New this season are Puzzinoes, customized dominoes that become a puzzle when flipped over. UV printed with a photo, emblem or logo of your choice, the dominoes are packed into a box with the selected image printed on the bottom, too. All you need to provide is camera-ready high-resolution artwork.
Custom work is available for an additional cost and a typical turnaround is one week. Large orders require more time. $49.95 for a single set. For more information, call 817-569-6100 or go to insideoutdesigns.com.

Photo by Ralph Lauer