Customers and Industries Served

The phrase “engraving services” usually brings to mind customized gifts, such as photo frames, award plaques, and jewelry. While we can do those things, we can do SO MUCH MORE! Consider the possibilities of artisan-detailed cabinetry or monogrammed ceramic that’s still food safe. Together with our customers we truly are expanding the realm of engraving and UV printing!

Interior Designers
Sometimes all you want is that little extra something to make your design the outstanding project you envisioned on the presentation board. We at Custom Laser Engravers can help you create those special touches to be tucked away in your brilliant design and discovered by the client with great joy when revealed.

Event/Wedding Planners
Let us translate your delightfully creative event ideas into the exceptional reality you envisioned. We’re here to make your events a dream come true for you and your clients.

We also serve many other industries, including:

Crafters and the Crafting Industry

  • Stencil cutting
  • Balsa wood cutting for miniatures, etc.
  • Cutouts for scrapbooking
  • Color printing on various materials

Real Estate Brokers/Salespeople

  • Personalization of thank-you gifts
  • Creation of custom gifts


  • Serialization
  • Tool marking


  • Application of custom designs
  • Markings to produced materials


  • Personalization of customer’s own materials
  • Creation of unique after-market products from generic items

Wholesale Distributors

  • Marking of boxing/packaging materials directly
  • Signage for display presentations

Transportation Industry (private jets, limousines)

  • Value added personalization of products in use for client trip
  • Incentive/thank-you gifts personalized for clients
  • Custom signage


  • Stencils for paint applications
  • Tool marking
  • Cutouts for 3-D application

Sign Industry

  • Stencils for airbrushing signage
  • Cutouts for direct application


  • Engraving/marking of glassware, silverware, plates and serving pieces
  • Value added gift marking for special events such as wine bottles, vases, and special presentation pieces

Furniture Industry

  • Marquetry/inlay
  • Cutouts for 3-D applique
  • Burn-in patterns

Hotel Industry

  • Engraving/marking of glassware, silverware, plates and serving pieces
  • Value added gift marking for special events such as wine bottles, vases, and special presentation pieces
  • Signage

Sports Industry

  • Marking of products both for production and personal use


  • Intricate decorative cutting for mats
  • Decorative marking of mats
  • Engraving/personalization on glass and plaques
  • Wood burn-in

Sewing Rooms

  • Material cutouts to avoid ravel of intricate designs for applique to other products

Not-for-Profit Organization

  • Reasonable logo/theme marking on distributable products for events
  • Personalization of gift items for donors

Wine Industry

  • Either decorative or personal markings on bottles, wooden wine boxes or casks
  • Personalization of distributed auxiliary wine-related products for sale

Toy Industry

  • Cutting pieces for toy assembly
  • Marking products

Home Builders

  • Etching designs on or personalization of tiles, glass panels, drawer and cabinet pulls, cabinet doors, etc.


  • Stencils for applications
  • Utensil and container marking


  • Getting that product prototype just right is key and small runs can be easily accomplished.


  • Protect the investment in expensive and treasured instruments through marking and personalization.

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